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Adela Fofiu

Senior Social Scientist


Adela is a social science researcher, social innovator, and science fiction enthusiast. She is known for her excellent public speaking skills and for being a deep thinker and visionary. She is using her humanitarian expertise to help people affected by the conflict in Eastern Europe. Adela has spent more than five years developing computational sociolinguistic models for text analysis in an AI for knowledge management start-up. Previously, her doctoral research on discourse analysis was published with Peter Lang. She has experience teaching social sciences and media research methods at various universities.

Natalia Ciobanu

Senior Environmental Scientist


Natalia is an environmental scientist, systems thinker and sustainability strategist. She has a PhD in environmental sciences, focused on building resilience of social-ecological systems to climate change impacts. A firm believer in the innate capacity of people to do what’s good for our environment and the society, Natalia finds joy in supporting sustainability-oriented research, innovation and product development. She has been working for over 15 years as a consultant, researcher and trainer for governmental and non-governmental organisations, as well as for businesses across multiple sectors and geographies.

Adrian Petrice

Strategy and Business Development


Adrian is a political scientist and economist passionate about philosophy, technology and culture. With a PhD in Political Sciences focused on Crisis Economics, his professional experience includes academic research, project management, consulting and business development. As Europe Coordinator for an educational programme, he worked with learning communities of emerging leaders across multiple cultures. The role included teaching, mentoring, writing, and conducting research as part of an international team.

Marius Zirbo

Tech and Innovation


Curious and creative with passion for emerging technology, Marius loves seeing new, innovative ideas come to life. As a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial spirit, he’s an agile and forward-thinking by nature, and enjoy using tech to find new solutions to old problems. Marius is an innovation leader with hands on experience on Product Management, Strategy, Go-to-Market. He has a track record of working with and advising startups for an extended period of time.

Mircea Mesesan

Product and Experience


Mircea is a strategist, creative visionary, and multidisciplinary designer with roots in the digital landscape that stretch back to the era of the wired ball mouse. Versatile and flexible, yet stable, concise, and determined, Mircea consistently pushes boundaries to achieve objectives. Boasting extensive experience across various industry sectors, he effortlessly devises solutions to any challenge. A proven leader, Mircea excels in guiding teams and crafting products from the ground up.

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